Four Things to Add to your Dog’s Winter Routine

Four Things to Add to your Dog's Winter Routine

The winters in Canada can be cold and harsh, even if you’re in the city. The cold weather, snow and slush can change your pet care routine. For winter, we need to add some changes to our dog’s daily routines. The winter can even change your dog’s nutritional needs. The seasonal changes should reflect in your pet care routine. Here are four things to add to your dog’s winter routine. 

Fur Brushing 

The winter and snow can bring extra grooming steps into your winter routine. Depending on your dog’s coat, you may need to be more careful with your dog’s outdoor adventures. Snow can get matted and clump in your dog’s fur, especially if they have a curly coat. If this is the case, you must brush your dog regularly and take the appropriate measures to eliminate snow clumps when coming back from walks. If you have a very fluffy dog, regular brushing is also beneficial to help them get rid of the summer coats they are shedding. Be sure to invest in a proper brush for your dog’s coat and get into the habit of brushing daily or at least once a week, depending on coat type. 

Moisturizer and Paw Care

The winter cold can be rough on our skin, and our dog’s paws are no different. If you can convince your dog to wear doggie booties, it can help keep their paws warm. Shorter and more frequent walks can help keep your dog’s paws more comfortable. Check the weather before you step out so you can prepare for your walks accordingly. In addition to the cold weather, sidewalks and driveways get treated with salt. Salt can dehydrate and irritate your dog’s paws. Be sure to treat your dog’s paws with a veterinarian-approved moisturizer or prep their paws with some paw wax before you step outside on your walk. This can help protect their paws against the salt. 

Four Things to Add to your Dog's Winter Routine

Reflective and High Visibility Clothing or Accessories

In the winter, we experience shorter days. It gets darker a lot quicker in the winter, so we must consider our pet’s safety when going out for an evening walk. The city streets can still be busy, so it’s better to have a reflective piece of clothing on your dog to be seen. Reflective garments or accessories are critical if you live in the suburbs or out of the city. If you’re in a well-lit city, reflective accessories aren’t too big of a priority, but they are still good to have. Having your dog seen in the darkness is crucial for their safety. Be sure to check out the selection of reflective accessories at your local pet shop or online. 

Additional Nutrition

The winter can have an impact on your dog’s nutritional needs. The cold can dry their skin, so keeping your dog hydrated is essential. It can also be beneficial to look into how much fatty acids your dog is taking. Adding some Omega-3 fatty acids can help keep them hydrated and keep their fur coats shiny. Adding antioxidants to their daily diet can also help keep their immunity up. Be sure to give your dog access to the limited sunlight there is. Any small dose can benefit their health and general mood, whether it’s sunlight through a window, a brief walk outside, or lazing in the backyard. 

Here are four things to add to your dog’s winter routine that can significantly improve their lives this season. Contact us for our dog walking services if you need someone to help you with your daily walks. At Citizen Canine, we can help you with your dog walks during any season. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Citizen Canine has your back with dog walking and puppy training services. Contact us today!


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