Preparing your Dog for Holiday Gatherings

Preparing your Dog for Holiday Gatherings

Holiday gatherings are a lot of work. You must prepare the house, the table, the food and drinks, and the entertainment. If you have pets, you must remember to prepare them too! Preparing your dog for holiday gatherings can be easy if you start early enough. You can give yourself peace of mind and ensure a smooth holiday party by following these helpful tips: 

Brush up on Basic Training

Brushing up on training can be beneficial for you and your dog before any big event. Dogs can get excited when people come over, and depending on their size; excitement can be destructive and potentially scare your guest. Manners are a crucial part of dog training. Teaching your dog not to jump or bark at guests is essential to have peace of mind with everyone mingling in your home. Your dog will benefit from being socialized and trained by impressing your guests and receiving pets and cuddles in return. 

Ensure Food is Out of Reach and Decorations are Out of Reach

Food and decorations are a must for any holiday party. It’s essential to keep your guests fed and entertained, but as responsible pet owners, we must also consider keeping our dogs safe. Some ingredients can be toxic to our dogs. Things like raisins and chocolate, popular ingredients in holiday treats, can cause dogs to get very ill and require medical attention. Keep food away from the table’s edge and cover it to prevent this.

Similarly, for decorations, anything fragile should be kept far from your dog’s reach. A wagging tail can cause destruction so keep delicate things away from your dog’s path. Electrical cords and small decorations should also be placed carefully to avoid an electrical accident or a choking hazard. 

A Walk before the Party

If your dog is energetic, it may be a good idea to take them for a walk before the event. Without any pent-up stress or energy, your dog can greet guests and sit with them without getting the zoomies or sudden bursts of energy. Spending that energy can help your dog behave better for the event. If your dog is older or not as energetic, it is still a good idea to spend some time with them and reserve some play time before the event. Let them know they have not been forgotten. 

If you need help walking your dog before your event, contact us at Citizen Canine. We’ll take your dog off your hands as you prepare for your event. 

Preparing your Dog for Holiday Gatherings

No New Introductions

To keep order at your holiday event, it is crucial that there are no new pet introductions. Be sure to know who is coming to make the proper arrangements. You want to avoid spending time babysitting dogs and their behaviour at your gathering. Even if dogs seem to get along at first, something can set them off at any time, and chaos can ensue. 

Have a Safe Space Available

Dogs are known to be very social and friendly, but even they want to run off and hide sometimes. We can’t blame them; humans are exhausting! Be sure to create a haven for your dog to sneak away to. This can be your bedroom or a little nook in the corner. You can fill any space with their favourite toys, a bed, and a blanket to help them feel safe and cozy. Once they’ve recharged their batteries, they’ll be sure to come back to join the festivities. 

Preparing your dog for holiday gatherings is a necessity. Having a lot of people in their space may require some time to adjust, so keep their comfort in mind and create a safe haven for them to run off to when needed. Be sure to brush up on their training and manners so guests and pets can socialize comfortably. Keep any food or harmful decorations out of your pet’s way to prevent emergencies. Following these tips can help you plan a successful holiday gathering this season. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Citizen Canine!


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