About Us

About Citizen Canine

Of course, you’re your dog’s best friend. It goes without saying. And you love her. We know. And you want her to have everything she needs to live her best life. We know that, too. That’s exactly why we started Citizen Canine. Our clients aren’t people who never want to walk their dogs or who live at the office all day and all night. Our service isn’t about ‘filling the gap’ because you can’t be there. Our service is for people who want the very best for their dogs. They want their dog to be happy, well socialised and active.

You have a best friend, right? Is she your only friend? No, you have friends outside your best friend and your partner. Your kids don’t just have friends at school. They have friends at skating and in the neighbourhood. Why shouldn’t your dog also have friends outside you? What if your dog could have a robust social life…. just like you?

That’s it. That’s why we started Citizen Canine. To expand your canine care team. Have you heard the saying: ‘it takes a village to raise a child?’ Well, we believe that’s true for our dogs, too. We aren’t a replacement service for you. Sending your dog out on walks isn’t a shirking of your role as dog parent. It’s an acceptance of it. It is taking responsibility for creating your dog’s experience of life.

Meet The Team

Jennifer Donaldson

Started walking dogs:  Nov. 2006

Started with Citizen Canine:  Feb. 2008

Free Time:  Hiking, camping, canoeing, surfing, snowboarding, painting, photography, and volunteer at When Hounds Fly Dog Training

Favourite thing about walking dogs:   Watching the dogs being successful.  Seeing them grow and learn.

Matt Kowall

Started walking dogs: Fall 2009

Started with Citizen Canine: August 2017

Free Time: Spending time with family and friends.  Stand-up comedy, softball, dodgeball……and kind of sport for that matter.

Favourite thing about walking dogs: seeing the dogs having a great time playing with each other.

Claire Donaldson

Started walking dogs: June 2014

Started with Citizen Canine: June 2014

Free Time: Spending time with family and friends. As a TFC season ticket holder, I spend a lot of time as a soccer hooligan.  I also love movies.

Favourite thing about walking dogs: seeing the dogs having a great time playing with each other and doggie snuggles.

Emma Tollefsen

Started walking dogs: 2011

Started with Citizen Canine: August 2017

Free Time: Camping, hiking, skiing, music, team sports and generally being outsde

Favourite thing about walking dogs: The pure joy when the dogs get to play and run with all of their friends. Seeing the positive change as a dog grows and learns how to be part of the team.

Andy and Gallie paw


Andrea is certified through the Council for Professional Dog Trainers (Knowledge Assessed), the Karen Pryor Foundations course, the Aggression Master Course with Michael Shikashio, a Fear Free Certified Trainer, an approved trainer through the Kids Around Dogs Association and a Licensed Family Dog Mediator Trainer. Andrea is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the International Positive Trainers Association and winner of the Training Excellence Award, Boarding and Sitting Excellence Award.


Robyn has completed the EduCanine Dog Trainer Mentorship Program, Karen Pryor Foundations Certificate, is a Canine Enrichment Specialist and is currently completing the CTC through The Academy for Dog Trainers as well as the Dog Parkour Instructor’s certificate.