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Puppy Services​

Puppy Services

You’ve brought your new furry family member home….now what? They need frequent meals and potty breaks, and we know not all pet parents can be home to accommodate these extra needs. Therefore, we offer two different private puppy services which can be custom fit to your puppy’s exact needs.

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Adventure Dog Walks​

Adventure Dog Walks

These walks are our specialty—it’s all we do. And we do it really, really well. We carefully screen all our pups to make sure that what we’re offering is the right match for each dog. We only go off leash in the official City of Toronto Off Leash Dog Parks, some are fully fenced and some are trails.

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How does Adventure Dog Walking Work in Toronto?

Step 1

Every new dog is placed into a small group with an Assessment Walker.

Step 2

This walker will help the new dog assimilate into the group and generally help them learn the ropes. They will also test for name recognition and recall.

Step 3

Once we’re satisfied they are transitioning well into group walks, we can place them into a group.

Step 4

Your dog is grouped with other similar dogs, so they can get the most out of their walks.

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Benefits of Adventure Walks

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

The dogs are encouraged to run, play, wrestle, play ball, swim, sniff, and generally explore their environments.

Positive Reinforcement

Just because we’re always having fun, doesn’t mean we aren’t learning at the same time—we’re always working on socialization, polite greetings and the all important: recall! Because our walks are off leash, all dogs must have a reliable recall.

Improve Recall

As professional positive reinforcement Dog Walkers, we have lots of tried and true methods to get recalls out of even the most stubborn pup. Even though many off leash parks are fully fenced, we still need to be able to reliably recall all our dogs. This gives us the ability to manage all the dogs, all the time.

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a happy group of dogs on their walk

Meet Our Professional Dog Walkers in Toronto

Name: Jennifer Donaldson

Started walking dogs: Nov. 2006

Started with Citizen Canine: Feb. 2008

Free Time: Hiking, camping, canoeing, surfing, snowboarding, painting, photography, and volunteer at When Hounds Fly Dog Training Favourite thing about walking dogs: Watching the dogs being successful.

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What our clients are saying!

JENNIFER and her merry group of dog walkers are wonderful. Karl cannot wait to get out on the many adventures he and his buddies enjoy each week! Citizen Canine Is a great collection of dog-loving humans.
Toronto, ON
Professional dog walking team, very friendly, and continue to work with your dog to ensure they are in the right group ‘pack’. Very flexible!
I couldn’t be happier with the service I receive from Citizen Canine. They are trustworthy, reliable and very responsive to questions. Plus, of course, they love dogs! I highly recommend them.
Toronto, ON

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