Your Trusted Toronto ​Dog Walker​​

Professional positive reinforcement Dog Walking Service in the City of Toronto.

Group Adventure Walks

Dog walking groups that explore a variety of different parks in the City of Toronto like Cherry Beach, Humber Bay, Coronation, Ramsden, Earlscourt, Bickford, Cedarvale


Puppy Visits

Personalized services for puppies. Visits include bathroom breaks, food, play and even short neighbourhood walks. We work on: basic obedience and name recognition.


Dog Training

We offer dog training services in Toronto, ON. Training programs include: The Puppy Program, Life Skills for older dogs and a Walk and Train Program.


New experiences for your dog each day!

Adventure Dog Walks in Toronto, ON Since 2008

Molly’s Story

I’m sitting in my upstairs office, and my dog is sitting on the couch staring out the front window. Not in boredom, but in anticipation. We both know what’s happening today. A car pulls up outside. I hear her tail start thumping. A car door shuts. She’s off the couch and rushing to the front door. A click. I hear a voice: “Good morning, Molly. How ya doin? Siiit. Good girl.” Another click. “Ok. Let’s go!” The door opens and closes. Another click. The house is quiet. I lean over and look out the window. My dog is walking out to the car with Matt. He opens the door, and three furry faces pop out: Draper, Willow and Iggy. Molly’s tail is doing that helicopter thing. She jumps in. Matt closes the door and hops in the front. Away they go……off on an adventure. I smile. 

How does Adventure Dog Walking work at Citizen Canine? 5 Easy steps to FUN!


Let’s chat. Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


Full Intake Interview. We get to know you, your dog, your goals, preferences, likes, dislikes….basically as much as we can!


Placed with an Assessment Walker. This amazing person helps your dog ‘learn the ropes’ of walking with a group.


Once we’re confident that your dog’s skills are solid and their transitioning well to group walks, we find them a group.


Placed into a Group. Our 62 years of experience has taught us a lot, and we look at a lot of factors when we place a dog into a new group. 

Benefits of Dog Walking with Citizen Canine



As a team, we have over 62 years of experience working with dogs. Whoa! That's a lot of poop.

It's all In-House

It's all In-House

Everything from training to puppy visits to walks....all under one roof. And all the information is shared seamlessly between team members.

Skills Training

Skills Training

Just because we’re always having fun, doesn’t mean the dogs aren’t also learning—we’re always working on name recognition, impulse control, socialization, polite greetings and the all important: recall!

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement

We only use positive reinforcement when are working with the dogs. This builds strong consistent relationships between dogs and humans. And above all, that's what we want.

Mental and Physical Exercise

Mental and Physical Exercise

All the off leash time allows for running and play and wrestling. And it allows for brain work like: skill development and sensory enrichment like sniffing, checking out new sights and new sounds.


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