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Adventure Dog Walks in Toronto, Ontario

Molly’s Story

I’m sitting in my upstairs office, and my dog is sitting on the couch staring out the front window. Not in boredom, but in anticipation. We both know what’s happening today. A car pulls up outside. I hear her tail start thumping. A car door shuts. She’s off the couch and rushing to the front door. A click. I hear a voice: “Good morning, Molly. How ya doin? Siiit. Good girl.” Another click. “Ok. Let’s go!” The door opens and closes. Another click. The house is quiet. I lean over and look out the window. Mt dog is walking out to the car with Matt. He opens the door, and three furry faces pop out: Draper, Willow and Iggy. Molly’s tail is doing that helicopter thing. She jumps in. Matt closes the door and hops in the front. Away they go……off on an adventure. I smile. What happens next?

Two hours have passed. Wow. I’ve been so focused on my project that I hadn’t even noticed. There’s a noise outside—a car door. I look out the window. Molly is home. Matt opens the car door for her, and she jumps out. Her tail is moving slower now….a gentle wag from side to side. “Did you have fun, Molly?” he asks. There’s a click at the front door. Another click. “Alright, lady. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I hear Molly’s nails on the floor. She’s headed back to the couch. Nap time. I wave to Matt as he leaves. He waves back and smiles. I can already hear Molly snoring on the couch.

But let’s find out what happened in between pickup and drop off….

When Molly got in the car, there were already five other pals waiting for her. And Matt transported them to a local off leash park where they got to spend an hour running and playing with each other. Unbeknownst to them, but knownst to us, they were also working on their skills like: recall, impulse control, polite greetings, socialisation, and positive play, because Matt is trained to teach her. But for Molly, it just felt like play time.

The thing is…..Molly’s story isn’t unique for Citizen Canine dogs.

Group Adventure walks are our specialty—it’s all we do. No on leash group walks. No privates—except for puppies. Our team has over 77 years of experience of providing this exact type of walk. (Whoa…..that’s a lot of poo!) But who cares? Why is that important? It matters because those years and our continued education make us experts at what we do. We know exactly what skills our humans and our dogs need to be successful at Citizen Canine. And we take each person and dog through the process to learn those skills.

Our Group Adventures are available in two options:

Adventure Day: $56 + HST per day
Adventure Walk: $29 + HST per wa