Dog Walking Services

Group Adventure Walks:

These pups are usually gone from the house from 1.5 to 3 hours.  They travel to a variety of different parks.  We have space for 6 dogs in each dog walking group. These walks can be combined with a second walk for the really active dog.  Find out more details, here. Or contact us to discuss your dog’s needs.

Puppy Visits:

We offer personalized services for our youngest members.  This visit includes time for: bathroom breaks, food, play and sometimes, even a short neighbourhood walk.  We start to work on: basic obedience and name recognition.  We also continue the socialization process which began at the breeder.  These visits serve as a foundation for our Group Adventure Walks.  Our Puppy Visits can be personalized with one, two or three visits a day.  Contact us for more information.


One dog on one walk: $29

Two dogs on one walk: $56

Three dogs on one walk: $84

One dog on two walks (back-to-back) : $56

Two dogs on two walks (back-to-back): $112

Three dogs on two walks (back-to-back): $168

Puppy Visit: $35

Potty Break: $22

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