Dog Training in Toronto

Your Toronto Dog Trainers

We’re a team of experts. And while you can learn how to teach your dog to sit from videos online, you can’t access the wealth of knowledge that comes from working with dogs and humans for over 62 years. And all that experience teaches us there is more than one way to approach any situation and how to get results quickly. And when you join the CC family, all that knowledge is at your disposal. That’s why, regardless of your situation, we spend a lot of time learning about you and your life. When we understand your goals and aspirations, we can better facilitate your relationship with your dog.

We offer three different training programs:

Not sure which one is right for you and your dog? No problem.

The Puppy Program

I spent 2 years volunteering at a local dog school. And what I saw, over and over again, were new puppy parents who didn’t have the knowledge they needed to fully integrate their new puppy into their lives. Yes, they came to every class and diligently did their homework, but SIT and DOWN don’t really help when puppy is jumping and nipping. Don’t get me wrong….puppy classes are great. If you want to socialise with other puppies and other humans, or learn basic skills in a distracting environment, they are the perfect solution.

But what do you do when your puppy is peeing on the rug? Or barking and hiding from your neighbours? Or jumping on your senior dog? Or turns into a Tasmanian Devil every night at 6pm?! Puppy classes can’t be there to help you in your home when you need it. And four to five weeks of a pre-set curriculum doesn’t give you the knowledge you need to fully and painlessly integrate your puppy into your life.

And I thought: there has to be a better way to help our puppy parents.

The Puppy Program is the answer.

At Citizen Canine, we know every human and family and puppy is totally unique, and therefore, we create The Puppy Program for each new client. It’s about facilitating the relationship YOU want for you and your puppy.

Great! But what does that even mean? It all starts with a conversation. We talk about you. Your family. Your goals. We talk about your experience with dogs. We talk about how you want your puppy to integrate into your home and the type of activities you want to do with them. The type of relationship you want to have with them. We go deep. Real deep. And then…..we take all that information and we build a plan. Just for you and your puppy. Hence why we say: think of us less as trainers, and more as facilitators.

The Puppy Program is a series of private sessions in your home and neighbourhood. There are no set number of sessions, it all depends on you and your goals. However, our experience has shown us most clients will usually require between 6 and 8 sessions to work through their goals.

We highly recommend getting in touch with us BEFORE you bring your new furry family member home. (We even encourage you to get in touch with us before you select a breed, a breeder or a rescue agency.)

Sessions can include, but are not limited to:

  • preparing for puppy’s pick up and first days home (SO important!)
  • understanding dog behaviour
  • house training
  • crate training
  • polite manners
  • introductions and management with other household pets
  • leash and harness training
  • building a routine
  • prevention of fear and anxiety
  • socialisation

How easy is that? Oh wait… gets better. When you include Puppy Visits with Citizen Canine, everything you are working on with the trainers is included in your client profile: All your goals for your puppy. All the skills you’re working on. All the techniques you’re using. E-ver-y-thing. All of it is seamlessly communicated to the rest of the team…. without you even lifting a finger. No endless emailing back and forth between you and the trainer, and then you and the walking service. No garbled messages or miscommunications. Everything done for you. Easy. Peasey.

Single Private one-on-one: $300 + HST per hour

Private one-on-one as part of a package: $200 + HST per hour

Life Skills Training

We forget. Or life changes and we need new skills. Same with dogs. Life Skills Training is about refreshing a skill or learning something completely new. This could be anything: recall, walking on leash, you name it.

Again, this starts with a phone. On that call, we’ll talk about where you are now and where you’d like to be. Then we build a plan, just for you, to bridge the gap.

Single Private one-on-one: $300 + HST per hour

Private one-on-one as part of a package: $200 + HST per hour

Walk and Train

Walk and Train is a different version of our Life Skills Program. In some cases, we’ve found that a Divide and Conquer strategy is best. We will pair your dog up with one of our amazing trainers for private walks. Dog and trainer build the skill. Then we bring you in, and work with you and your dog on the same skill. It’s our experience that’s taught us if we divide the work, we can conquer the skill.

Single Walk and Train Walk: $150 + HST per hour

Walk and Train as part of a package: $125 + HST per hour