How to Make your House More Dog Friendly

How to Make your House More Dog Friendly

When we bring dogs home, we commit to being their lifelong companions. This commitment includes making our home a safe and comfortable place to live. As our dogs age, their mobility and energy levels will change, and they’ll need assistance getting around the house. If you adopt a special needs dog, their needs will also need to be considered. There are many ways to make your home a safe space for your dog. Here are four ways to make your house more dog-friendly. 

Cover Electric Cables and Wires

The most obvious way to make your house safe for pets is to cover any exposed wires. Older dogs may be more mature and know not to play with wires, but puppies and younger pups can be bigger troublemakers whose curiosity can get them into trouble. Young dogs may see wires as something to chew or entertainment to get your attention. This could have severe consequences if your dog bites through a wire. For the holidays or special occasions that require lights and decorations, be mindful of where you set the cables so they are out of sight and out of mind from your dogs.

Take your Dogs Needs and Disabilities into Consideration

If your dog has special needs or you are fostering a dog with special needs, you may need to take some extra precautionary measures. Different disabilities require different help. You may need to consider having ramps or a place with fewer stairs for a dog with mobility issues. Similarly, for dogs with vision issues, stairs should be blocked off, and designated safe spaces are good to have to prevent unwanted injuries. In addition to disabilities, your dog may need extra assistance depending on their build and stature. A smaller dog may not be able to jump up on a couch like a bigger dog, so a ramp may be necessary for those future couch cuddles!

Be Aware of Dangerous Plants 

Despite being natural and part of nature, some plants can be toxic to dogs. Having indoor plants is a popular decoration and hobby for some people, but please be sure to research the kind of plant you bring home. If ingested, your dog’s health may be at risk, and veterinary attention will be required. If you are a gardener or like to collect plants, keep them out of reach of your dogs. If you only want plants for decorative purposes, stick to the artificial kind for peace of mind.

How to Make your House More Dog Friendly

Have a Safe Space 

Even if your dog has no risk of injury anywhere in your house, it’s always nice to designate a little safe corner or nook for your dog. Just like people, dogs also like to escape to a sanctuary from time to time. A safe space doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. Often it can be an enclosed space with a cozy blanket or their favourite toy. Some dogs find comfort in being in their crate, so adding some comfort there can elevate their space. The safe room is associated with ease and calm, so be sure to be strategic in your chosen place. 

These four ways to make your house more dog friendly. They can elevate your home for your dog, especially if they have specific needs. Not only will they feel safer and more comfortable in their daily life, but they will also have a place to escape when needed. By avoiding dangerous plants and being mindful of your decorations and electrical cables, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing there is no risk of harm. Check out our dog walking and training services and help your dog become the best they can be! At Canine Citizen, we want to help your pets live their best lives, and we’re here to help.


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