Puppy Services

Puppy Services

You’ve brought your new furry family member home….now what? They need frequent meals and potty breaks, and you can’t always be home to accommodate these extra needs. Not to worry, we offer two different private puppy services which can be combined to fit your puppy’s exact needs.

Each visit includes time for: a bathroom break, a meal, and playtime.  We start to work on name recognition and basic skills like: sit, down, drop it, and touch, which is the beginnings of recall.  We also start the socialisation process. 

If your puppy is part of our Puppy Program, all notes and goals are seamless communicated and incorporated into the visits. You can learn more about our Puppy Program, here. 

These visits serve as a foundation for our Group Adventure Walks.  Our Puppy Visits can be personalized with one, two or three visits a day.  

Puppy Visit Long: $35 + HST

Puppy Visit Short: $22 + HST