Gift-Giving Guide for New Pet Owners

Gift-Giving Guide for New Pet Owners

The holidays are approaching quickly, and it’s time to write our Christmas lists and go shopping. With so many friends and family on your list, it can get overwhelming to know what to get them. We may not know what all your friends and family may need, but we can let you know what a new pet owner may need. This gift guide is for you if you know someone expanding their family and getting a new dog. With this gift-giving guide for new pet owners, holiday shopping is easier knowing you’re getting the things a new pet needs.

The Basic Necessities 

Necessities like beds, blankets, bowls, collars, leashes, jackets and sweaters make great Christmas gifts. All these things undergo wear and tear over time; replacing them in time is a requirement when they are not good enough to use. Even if you’re unsure that you’re buying something someone already has, having multiples of the same thing is okay for pet owners. Having multiples of an item can be helpful for a pet owner. One item can be used in the home; the other can be packed up for trips or used in a different part of the house. A dog won’t complain about having another bed to sleep on. 

Training Necessities and Classes

Training is always a great gift to give to dog owners, especially new dog owners. Training can be for any dog at any age, so this gift isn’t limited to puppies. Older dogs can still be trained or attend group classes. Agility and other high-energy training classes can be purchased for active dogs. Whatever your dog’s needs are, there is a trainer that can help. In addition to training and learning new things, a dog and their owner bond and work together. This is why training is an excellent gift because it is a helpful tool and offers a wonderful opportunity for pets and owners to bond.

Toys and Treats 

If you need more clarification about training or the kind of dog you are purchasing for, then a safe gift to get are toys and treats. With so many toys available, you can’t go wrong with your pick. A new ball or pull toy can get a dog’s tail wagging. A kong or chew toy also makes great gifts that can keep a dog entertained. Even interactive toys and mats require a dog to think through obstacles to get to a treat. Similarly, there are tons of goodies to choose from too. From crunchy cookies, jerky and liver treats to fancy gourmet baked goods for dogs; you have many options to pick from that would get a dog drooling.

Pet Technology

For high-tech pet owners that are into technology, the pet industry made sure to consider them and their needs. For owners who need to be away from the house for short periods, a doggie camera like a Furbo would make a perfect gift. Other high-tech gadgets like a digital clicker can be a cool thing they might like to try for training. Be sure to research some of the fantastic pet tech out there to see if you can find the perfect gift for the dog and tech-loving person in your life. 

Gift-Giving Guide for New Pet Owners

The holidays can be both an exciting and overwhelming time, but we hope that the help of our gift-giving guide for new pet owners makes holiday shopping for pets easier. Having a pet is a lifelong commitment, so it’s better to be prepared in the beginning and continue learning as you grow with your pet and learn more about their needs. Necessities like toys, treats, and training are never wrong, and you’ll make one dog very happy with an appreciative owner. Be sure to suggest Canine Citizen to all your pet owner friends for their dog walking needs and puppy training services. We love to meet new dogs and help them become the best dogs they can be.


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