Why you Should find a Trainer before you Bring your Puppy Home

Why you Should find a Trainer before you Bring your Puppy Home

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting time! The thought that this will be your first day with your new best friend and family member can have your thoughts all over the place! Since this is an exciting time, preparing for a puppy must start before you bring your new pup home. All necessities like food and water bowls, beds, toys, and crates should be set up and ready for your puppy’s arrival. You should also strongly consider having a trainer already picked out to help you with puppy training. New dog owners often miss this step, but here is why you should find a trainer before you bring your puppy home.

You can get a second opinion from a Professional

By hiring a dog trainer before the arrival of your puppy, you have the opportunity to ask your trainer any questions that are on your mind. This is an excellent opportunity for your trainer to get to know you and your lifestyle. You can ask your trainer for their opinion on the dog you choose and whether your home and lifestyle would suit its needs and temperament. Having a second opinion can help you change your choice, ultimately benefiting you and the puppy’s life. In addition to compatibility, you can get professional advice and helpful information about what to expect when your puppy arrives. 

Get Professional Advice and Help on Set Up

Dog trainers can offer great advice for first-time dog owners, so pay attention to what they say. Puppies are a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions about things you are unsure of. A good trainer wants your dog to reach their best potential, so they will only give you information that will benefit your dog and their development. Trainers can also help you get set up for the arrival of your puppy. They can tell you what you need to buy, the things your puppy will need immediately, and things to buy as your puppy grows. This information can be very insightful for new owners, and you can be sure you are well-prepared for your puppy’s arrival.

Why you Should find a Trainer before you Bring your Puppy Home

Get an Early Start on Training 

Preparing in advance for your puppy should include getting associated with training cues and behaviours you would like your puppy to learn. A new dog owner may not know how to communicate behaviours to their dog. A trainer can help prepare you for communication and training commands and cues. Dogs learn behaviours through repetition and positive reinforcement, so learning a few training cues can help you and your puppy start associating specific words to behaviours. An early start to training can lead to great success with your puppy as they grow. In time, your puppy will learn the training ques you can continue to build on with your trainer. 

Have Peace of Mind 

A well-taken-care of dog is a healthy dog with a great bond with their owner. Having the peace of mind of knowing your dog is well-trained or behaved will have you feeling comfortable in any situation you find yourself in together. In time, with continuous and regular training, your puppy can reach their full potential and be the best dog they can be. In the meantime, as your puppy develops, you will have peace of mind knowing you are doing your dog tremendous good for their body and soul. 

Set Your Pup up for Success!

Here are just some big reasons why you should find a trainer before you bring your puppy home, but there are many more that will only benefit your dog in the long run as they grow and develop. Being prepared with a trainer early on can set your new pup up for success. Creating a confident dog early on and starting training as soon as possible will make a great dog quicker and give you peace of mind knowing your pup is well-trained and behaved. At Citizen Canine, we want the best for all dogs and love to see dogs reach their full potential. Check out our Puppy Training Packages for more information on the services and training we can provide you. Contact us for more details or if you have any questions.


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