Preparing your Pups for the Holidays

Preparing your Pups for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and the hustle and bustle is here. We can’t forget about our pets with everything to do on our list. They have to look and feel picture perfect for the holidays. From pet safe house decor to preparing them for guests, we have the tips for a safe and fun holiday season! Follow our tips on preparing your pups for the holidays this year.


Book your Pet Sitters and Boarding Stays 

If you’re going away for the holidays, be sure to start booking reservations with your pet sitters and boarding facilities. The holiday season is busy for them, and they book up quickly. Be sure to research the various boarding and pet sitting facilities around you. Perhaps your dog would feel more comfortable with a specific option. It’s essential to start the booking process early enough to tour facilities and meet pet sitters so you can determine whether your dog will be happier boarded with other dogs or enjoying the holidays at home with a sitter. Online reviews can tell you a lot about other people’s experiences too. 


Pet-Safe Decor

If you’re staying home for the holidays, then it’s time to deck the halls with sparkle and Christmas spirit! You can still have a festive look inside your home while keeping your pets safe from harm. Be sure to keep wires hidden and try not to purchase fragile decor or decorations that could be a choking hazard. In addition to pet-safe decorations, be sure to research the type of plants you bring into your home. Many festive plants are poisonous to dogs if ingested. If your dog is curious or a chewer, you may want to skip on the festive plants this year. Check out the list of plants to avoid for the holiday season. 


Brushing and Grooming

Help your dog welcome the new year with a fresh new coat! Having a clean, shiny new coat with trimmed nails will have your pet feeling pampered and spoiled for the holidays. It’s time to book that groom so your dog can look their best in photos. Don’t forget to bring out the bow ties and bandanas! Be sure to book your groom soon as groomers are booking up this busy season!


Guests and Manners 

A quick training refresher never hurts anyone! If you’re looking to have people over for the holidays, remember to give your dog a refresher on manners. As much as we love our dogs and let them get away with a lot, some of your guests may not be accustomed to a rambunctious pup. Be sure to practice no barking and no jumping on guests. In addition, be sure to inform your guests of your dog’s personality. A well-behaved dog will benefit from all the belly rubs and attention they get from your guests. 


Pet-Safe Dinners 

Another way to prepare your pups for the holidays is to prepare them a special holiday meal. Our dogs love the table scraps we give them, but we should consider pet-safe options. Sometimes the table scraps we give them can cause them digestive problems, making them uncomfortable. Be sure to look up some pet-friendly recipes online so that your dog can enjoy a memorable holiday meal with the family as well. 


Preparing your pups for the holidays can be a lot. There is so much to do for the holidays already! As responsible pet parents, we need to ensure our fur babies look and feel their best! Being prepared with plans can help you get things done and stay focused. If you’re busy preparing for the holidays and won’t have time for dog walks, be sure to call us at Citizen Canine, and we’ll take your pups out for you! Check out our other puppy services, and let us show you what makes us stand out from the rest. Happy Holidays from us at Citizen Canine!


Preparing your Pups for the Holidays


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