The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Canada

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Canada

Subscription boxes are becoming a trend in many industries. The pet world has also hopped on board with this trend. Subscription box companies have gained popularity for pet owners. The convenience of someone putting together your pet’s needs and having goods delivered to your door makes shopping easy and efficient. What better gift than surprising your pups monthly with a new gift box! Since the season of gift-giving is right around the corner, we’re taking a look at the best dog subscription boxes in Canada.

Woof Pack

Woof Pack is a popular Canadian subscription box for dogs! They offer and deliver a variety of treats, toys, and chews. In their monthly subscription packages, they pack products based on a new theme every month. The box they send contains toys, treats and a chew for your dog to enjoy. They carefully select the products they choose to send out and ensure they are all Canadian-made. In addition to the quality of products, they make sure to test and review every product before it comes to your door. Anything below grade will not make it out! If you think your dog would benefit from a subscription-like this, be sure to check them out!


BullyMake subscription boxes are exclusively made for toy lovers and big chewers in mind. They also customize their packages according to the weight and description of your dog, ensuring each toy is suitable for their size. If your dog likes to chew and gets into trouble chewing furniture and belongings, then maybe investing in a monthly recurring chew toy is best for you and the furniture in the house! Although an American company, BullyMake does ship to Canada but is limited to only sending toys at the moment.

Bark’N Fun

The Bark’N Fun Company is a great local gift and subscription box service for dogs. They provide the best and tastiest quality of treats and gifts. The Bark’N Fun company takes their time selecting and packing each subscription package with care. They will always consider your dog’s health and take any allergies seriously when preparing your box. The best part is that every time you receive a package, a portion of your purchase goes to helping charitable organizations in Canada like canine charities, rescues and shelters. This Christmas, you can make your dog’s wishes come true while also helping dogs in need.


WoofCrate is another Canadian-owned and operated dog subscription box. They aim to bring delicious Canadian-made goodies and toys directly to your door for your pup to enjoy. Each month your subscription box will contain multiple items. You will always get two toys, treat bags and some delicious freshly baked goods or chews. Your dog will be excited to get their paws on this box! In addition to the excellent quality and service WoofCrate provides, it donates an amount from each purchase to the Edmonton Humane Society. You can’t go wrong supporting this business! It is also open and taking suggestions to help other animal organizations in need.


DuraPaw is a Canadian-owned subscription box company that promises safe and durable boxes and free shipping to your door. This company has packages based on a theme for each month and even offers a puppy package. Each box comes with a couple of toys, treats and accessories. DuraPaw also allows you to customize your package so your dog can get exactly what they need. They currently have a promotion for 50% off your first subscription box. This is all the more reason to try them out!

These are five of the best dog subscription boxes in Canada. Many more businesses and companies may offer subscription boxes, so be sure to do your research. There could be local businesses in your town or city that may be setting up a subscription or gift box for the holiday season. It’s always nice to support local businesses, so keep your eyes open. There’s no doubt that subscription and gift boxes are becoming more popular each year. Give your dog a monthly surprise and subscribe to one today! Please let us know your experiences with subscription boxes at Citizen Canine

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Canada


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