Pros and Cons of Bringing your Dog to the Office

Pros and Cons of Bringing your Dog to the Office

Having dogs in the office seems to be a popular trend in recent years. While having a cute furry pup in the office can boost moods and morale, we also need to think about the dog’s experience in the setting. Here are some pros and cons of bringing your dog to the office. They might help you think twice about whether it is a good idea or not. 


Stress Relief and Positive Interactions

Having a dog around can lighten any mood. The cuteness, energy and excitement of a dog can really put workers in a good mood. The office pup is sure to cheer anyone up if they’re having a bad day. Along with your coworkers, your dog is sure to feel excited from all the attention and snuggles they are getting. You are sure to bring a tired pup back home after a busy workday!


Less Worry and Pet Care Costs

Bringing your dog to the office is a significant cost-efficient way to save on pet care bills. You don’t need to worry about finding the right pet sitter or worrying about if your dog is anxious at home. Pet separation anxiety and loneliness don’t need to cross your mind when you can have your pet by your side at all times. Your dog will be so happy they can sleep on your lap or beside your desk as you get your work done throughout the day. 

Pros and Cons of Bringing your Dog to the Office

Disruptions and Distractions

While the office can be a calm and quiet environment, some offices are hectic. Busy offices with a lot of commotion and noise can be very uncomfortable for a dog. Not only will the sounds be a lot for their delicate ears, the noise can also really scare them. The noise can also prevent them from sleeping, which dogs need to do. A tired and irritated dog can have unexpected and unwanted reactions. A scared, nervous dog with a lot of excitement around them may react aggressively, or they may whine and bark, interrupting your coworkers. In this case, your dog may be better left at home. 


Possible Allergies and Discomfort

When you bring your dog to the office, you expose them to coworkers that may be allergic or may be fearful of dogs. This can create an uncomfortable working environment for your peers and decrease their work performance. It would not be fair for your coworkers to walk around sniffling and sneezing with allergy medication while trying to get their work done. In addition to your coworkers not being comfortable at work, your dog may feel uncomfortable in the office space with so many new faces and an unfamiliar environment. 


Potential Legal Issues

If your dog is disruptive or not trained to be around others, then it may be a better idea to leave your pup at home. A rambunctious dog may cause damage to the office, or a puppy may chew up furniture. While socialization may help them, it’s best to find a different environment to help them work these behaviours out. A trainer or dog walker would be a better option for energetic dogs. More severe legal issues can occur if your dog becomes scared and defensive. Even a small bite from your little pup can bring you a lot of legal troubles if they nip the wrong person. It’s better to be safe than sorry when introducing your dog to new environments. 


With the slow return back to the office, some of us are considering bringing our pets with us, if possible. This is not a simple decision with many things to consider about your dog’s energy, behaviour and workplace. We listed only some pros and cons of bringing your dog to the office, but think about this decision thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Canine Citizen for any dog walking needs, and we’d be happy to take your pup out for a walk while you’re busy at the office!


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