Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is a couple of days away, and we need to talk about Halloween pet safety! This spooky day can be just as fun for our four-legged friends as it is for us if we keep it safe. We know our dogs can be quite the troublemakers, so preparing for Halloween will be beneficial in the long run. Whether you’re hosting a party or just decorating and celebrating your favourite spooky day of the year, we got some tips to make this Halloween a safe success. 


Select Costumes Carefully

Costumes are a huge part of Halloween. Getting dressed up and looking silly is fun. Getting our dogs dressed up can equally be entertaining for us; however, keep in mind that not all dogs like to dress up. As cute as they may look in their costumes, these outfits can be uncomfortable to them. Ideally, it’s better not to dress your dog up for Halloween, but if you want a photo for memory and your pet doesn’t mind costumes, only putting on the costume for a short time is recommended. Costumes can be restricting to pets, and the lack of mobility can make them uncomfortable. In addition to the restriction, having an extra layer on them inside the house can get very hot and pull on their fur. If you are dressing your dog up for a short while, be sure to pick a costume that has thin fabric and is big enough to allow your dog to move. 


Pet Safe Decorations

Decorating the house for Halloween is a lot of fun. You can really get creative with all the accessories and decorations that are available. As pet owners, we need to be careful with the kinds of decorations we put up in our homes. It’s best to skip out on any embellishments that look like food or that can be choking hazards. Having too many wires and cables can also be a safety hazard. Having a few statement decorations can be enough for the occasion and keep your pet safe from any emergency visits to the vet. 


Be Aware of Superstitions 

Since there will be more people outside trick or treating and going to Halloween parties, it’s best that you keep your dog inside and away from the Halloween experiences outdoors. Unfortunately, old superstitions of black pets still exist, and it’s better to be safe than sorry and protect your pup from the outdoors. It’s also essential that you keep updated tags and have your dog microchipped in the occurrence that they run away. Your pet’s safety should always be your top priority, and taking these precautions can give you peace of mind. 


Keep Treats out of Reach

Halloween and candy go hand in hand. Although we enjoy the day and all the chocolate and candy it brings, this can be deadly to our dogs. We must keep all candy far from the reach of our dogs. Chocolate and candy can have harmful ingredients in them that dogs can not digest. Ingredients like xylitol can have deadly effects on canines in just a tiny amount. Instead, be sure to have some doggie treats ready for the day so that they can also enjoy a Halloween treat! Be sure to research tasty Halloween treats online or buy some delicious snacks for them at your local pet store. 

Halloween pet safety is important to follow and could make all the difference in having a great and safe Halloween. Follow these tips for Halloween, and you and your dog will have a fang-tastic Halloween! If you’re going out for Halloween, be sure to contact us for your dog walking needs and puppy visits. Happy Halloween!


Halloween Safety


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