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How to Deal With Coyotes and Keep Them Out of Yards

how to deal with coyotes and keep them out of yards

Despite living in the city, we still get visits from the wildlife in surrounding areas. Coyotes seem to be making more appearances these days and entering our neighborhoods. These animals can be dangerous, and it’s always best to keep a safe distance. To help… Continue Reading “How to Deal With Coyotes and Keep Them Out of Yards”

What should I ask a prospective dog walker?

Dog walker with dogs

As the owner of a dog walking company, I get asked LOTS of questions.  The one question I never get asked is:  what would you ask?  This would be my favourite….if someone had ever asked me.  Why?  Simple.  I’ve seen it all.  I’ve been… Continue Reading “What should I ask a prospective dog walker?”

How to Choose the ‘Right’ Dog Walker

dog walker with dog

Okay, you’ve decided you’d like to hire a dog walker…now what?  I’ve been a Dog Walker for twelve years now, and I’ve seen a lot of things—good and bad.  But one of the biggest mistakes owners make in the process of hiring a walker… Continue Reading “How to Choose the ‘Right’ Dog Walker”

What to Expect with Group Dog Walking?

happy dog running at the beach

For the purposes of this post, we are discussing group dog walks.  This could be either for on leash or off leash groups. Ok, so you’ve hired a walker……now, what to expect? Expect that there will be some variance in your pick up and… Continue Reading “What to Expect with Group Dog Walking?”

Will my dog get hurt on walks?

happy dog on her walk

Yes.  Most likely, at some point during their life time, your dog will be injured on a dog walk.  That doesn’t mean that your dog is walked in a mine field and once false step, and it’s adios pupper.  However, I would be lying… Continue Reading “Will my dog get hurt on walks?”