5 Hidden Gems to walk your dog around Toronto


As these uncertain times of the covid pandemic continue well into the year, we look for more ways to entertain ourselves while social distancing. As pet parents, we also need to look for ways to engage our pets without going to the dog park so often. With limited options, we’re looking for more ways to spend outside before the Winter season comes along. If you’re a pet owner that’s tired of walking the same route every day with your dog(s), please check out these hidden gems in and around Toronto for some new adventure plans.  


Sherwood Park 

Sherwood Park is located in Midtown Toronto and can be a great outdoor escape for the entire family. This park offers beautiful wooded hiking trails and even an off-leash area for your fur babies to run around freely. Whether you spend a couple of hours here or the whole day, this truly is a great little local gem within the city to go out and enjoy with your dog. 


Cherry Beach 

Cherry Beach, found on the city’s outer part, should be explored before the Winter season comes around. Located on the north shore of the Outer Harbour at the foot of Cherry Street, this beach has a dedicated off-leash dog park so that you can bring your pup to. This hidden gem has a cottage country atmosphere that can create the illusion of escape within the city. Your dog is sure to love to run around the wide-open treed and take a dip in the water to cool down before doing it all again!


Crothers Woods

Another hidden gem in Toronto is Crothers Woods. This beautiful hiking trail is located in East York in the Don River valley in Toronto. Although this trail is not off-leash, it can offer a great outdoor adventure for you and your pup. This trail offers about 10 kilometres of various hiking difficulties to explore. With the range in hiking difficulty, this trail can be a walk in the park or a challenging workout for you and your pup. Whichever path you select, you can enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful scenery this trail will provide. 


Hinder Property 

The Don River valley has another hidden gem in the Toronto area. The Hinder Property located at Bathurst and Shepard offers a scenic hiking route and bike trails. This beautiful forested hiking trail is not off-leash; however, it provides a nice quiet trail to walk or run along with your furry friend. This trail can be explored as an outdoor activity, or you can make it a full day adventure and bring a picnic to snack on and relax with your dog in the park.


Moore Park Ravine 

The Moore Park Ravine is another scenic gem in Toronto where you can escape a busy city life. This trail is a 6-kilometre loop trail that’s easy to navigate so you cannot get lost. This trail is excellent for walks, hikes, bikes, and runs, so remember to keep your dog on a leash. The Moore Park Ravine is an easier trail that’s easily accessible to you and your dog year-round. Whenever you’re looking for an inner-city escape, this hidden gem is ready to provide a nature escape to you and your pup. 

This season, take advantage of the beautiful fall colours and social distancing protocols and enjoy the beauty of nature. Toronto may seem like a concrete jungle, but there are quite a few hidden gems in and around the city to escape to. Pack your bags and bring your furry friends along for an adventure they are sure to enjoy!


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