5 Gifts for Dog Training in Toronto

Gifts for Dog Training

Dog training is an important activity to perform with your dog as a responsible dog owner. Training can be both serious and fun, depending on your training goals. Being adequately prepared for dog training can set you and your dog up for a successful and rewarding training session. If you or someone you know is currently training or planning to train their dog, here are some gift ideas for dog training that would be beneficial to have!

1. Treat Pouch  

A Pouch is an essential tool for training and can make a stylish gift for dog training. You need to be ready with treats and have them easily accessible all the time. For example, I use a climbing chalk bag as my pouch. I love it because it’s inexpensive and also has a small zippered pocket to stash keys or any small necessities if I’m heading out for a walk. The best part is that it comes with its own belt. This makes it SO easy to use, and you don’t need to hook it onto another bag or your pants, and never run the risk of it falling off. Excellent!

2. Kongs or Toppl Toys

Toys that can be stuffed with treats are great tools and training gifts when you have a dog. These toys are intended to be loaded with food and then worked on for a while. I love these for training in routines. I often recommend them for younger dogs who are still susceptible to “Puppy Witching Hour.” You can start them on a full toy to keep them busy about 15 to 20 minutes before their PWH is expected to start. Working on a kong is also brain work, so they spend their PWH energy more quietly.  

I also recommend toys for dogs who come home from their walks with wild, excited energy, because THEY HAVE SO MANY EXCITING STORIES TO TELL YOU! They can be a great way to refocus that energy into something positive. The act of going through the process of walk-kong, walk-kong, walk-kong can help build the routine of going for a walk and then coming home and settling down. This is so important for young or active dogs!

3. Hands-free leash  

These usually have some sort of waist attachment to use and can make a great dog training gift. They are great when you’re going through training because you will have two hands that are free to work with your dog!

Gifts for Dog Training

4. Treats 

And good treats at that! You’ll need some high-value tasty treats while you’re doing training. Ideally, you want something that tastes better than the new and exciting world around them. We recommend looking for things like: Rollover, freeze-dried liver…etc, but any treat can make a good dog training gift.

5. Toys 

Toys are especially crucial for young dogs. Having a variety of different kinds of toys is very beneficial for a dog’s activity and development. Try a stuffie with a squeaker to dismember. Or a rope toy with a handle so that you can play tug with your dog. Or even a fresh new collection of chuck-it balls would make a great dog training gift. Any toy that requires interaction, focus, and play is excellent for that stimulation and activity that your dog needs. 

For more advice or information about dog training and potential dog training gifts, please contact Citizen Canine.


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