5 Things To Do With Your Dog During COVID-19


This year has brought about many different changes in the way we care and exercise our pets. Our pets went from going out regularly, socializing and interacting with everyone to going out once in a while and significantly limiting their social interactions. This must have been quite a confusing change for our social and attention-seeking fur babies. 

But as the restrictions loosen, and life returns to a new normal, our pets can start enjoying the outside world and socializing more often. Here are some ideas for physical activity and socializing you can do with your pets during COVID.  


Trail Hikes for Solid Exercise 

If you’re still hesitant to be out in public around too many people but are looking for some challenging and good exercise, you can check out Toronto’s and the surrounding area’s various trails. Hiking, walking, running, or biking a trail is an excellent exercise for both you and your dog. In addition to physical activity, you’ll get fresh air and the chance to take in all the nature around you. After an outing like this, you’ll both be feeling the burn and ready to kick back and relax for the rest of the day. 


Swimming for playtime together 

For those warmer days in the month, taking your dog swimming would be a great physical and social outing for both you and your dog. This can be an afternoon event at a neighbourhood park, or a day trip or weekend away to a beach! Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for dogs and a perfect form of exercise for older dogs with joint issues. If you have access to a pool, this activity can be done regularly in your own space’s comfort and safety. For other ideas of places to swim, please read our blog listing pet-friendly areas to take your dog swimming: Top 5 Places to Take Your Dog Swimming in Toronto.  


Picnics for socialization and together time

For a low-key hang out with your furry friend, a picnic can be the perfect afternoon or weekend activity. At a nice local park, your dog can run around and play and socialize with other dogs and people that may be around. You can even invite some friends for a small gathering of dogs and people and catch up to mix for the day. This is sure to be an enjoyable activity for humans and dogs alike! 


Toronto City walks for socialization and exercise

If you’re looking for more colour and noise with restaurants and shops as your backdrop, then a walk in the city might be better for you. A walk through the city can expose you and your dog to all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells. This can be an excellent exercise for physical and mental stimulation with some entertainment along the way. While being out and about, your dog can also meet other dogs in the neighbourhood and get the social interaction they need. This activity is just a significant mood changer for both humans and dogs. 


Parkour for brain training and exercise 

Some of us may still be more hesitant to leave the house very often. But this does not mean that the fun stops inside. If you and your dog are stuck inside, you can still bring an exciting and fun environment to your home so that your dog can get some moderate exercise and psychological stimulation. Some websites and facilities offer online or private training programs or classes to do with your dog from home. If interested, you can do a Google search for a particular course or check out Helicopter Tail Co.’s page for more information about these at-home services.


This year has caused us to get creative with the way we exercise and socialize our pets. Although it’s different from what we’re generally used to, these activities and moments will only bring you and your furry friends closer together for memories to last a lifetime. 



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