The Importance of Crate Training

The Importance of Crate Training

Crates are seen as time out or training tools for our dogs. Despite being great for training, crates can offer so much more to our dogs. The importance of crate training for dogs is essential. Crate training is an important tool for dog owners. It provides a safe and secure space for the dog and can help with potty training, separation anxiety, and other behaviour issues. Here are some key benefits of crate training that we don’t often consider.

Provides a Safe and Secure Space

Dogs are den animals, and a crate can provide them with a safe and secure space they can call their own. A crate offers a haven or escape. This can be especially important for puppies, which may be anxious and overwhelmed in a new environment. A crate is a place of familiarity to puppies and dogs that is a space of their own. It should not be seen as a place of punishment but rather a place of comfort. 

Helps with Potty Training

Crate training can be valuable in housebreaking a puppy or an adult dog. Dogs instinctively avoid soiling their sleeping area, so by using a crate, you can help them learn to hold their bladder and bowel movements until you take them outside. The crate can help them develop a habit of going out to use the washroom. In time, you’ll notice that this will be an everyday activity, and the crate will no longer need to be used to remind your dog to go out to use the washroom.

The Importance of Crate Training

Reduces Separation Anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety can become destructive or engage in excessive barking or whining when left alone. A crate can help them feel more secure and less anxious when you’re not around. Since the crate is a familiar place to dogs that carry their scent, it can be very calming and relaxing. If you leave your dog in your crate for a bit, add a favourite toy or blanket while in the crate. This can make them more comfortable, especially if it also has your scent.

Protects your Home and Belongings

When you’re not home, an untrained dog can wreak havoc on your home and belongings. Using a crate limits your dog’s access to certain areas and protects your property from damage. Since the crate provides comfort and safety, feel free to leave your dog in a crate briefly as you run errands or step out of the house. Being in the crate will prevent anxious recklessness and teach your dog the importance of having quiet time alone. In time, your dog will naturally understand that when you leave home, their time with themselves does not need to be attention-seeking but restful and relaxing.

Facilitates Travel

If you love to travel, then crate training is encouraged. If you plan to travel with your dog, crate training can make the experience less stressful for both of you. Dogs accustomed to being in a crate will be more comfortable travelling in a crate, whether by car or air. Be sure to take the appropriate steps in training your pet for travelling to ensure their comfort during the trip. Remember to inform your vet of your travelling plans to ensure your pet is adequately prepared. 

Understanding the importance of crate training has many benefits. Overall, crate training can be an essential tool for dog owners and can help provide a safe and secure environment for your pet while helping with potty training, behavior issues, and more. At  Citizen Canine, we are all about helping your dog reach their best potential. Check out our training services and help your dog be the best dog they can be!


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