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5 Enrichment toys you can make at home for your dog

Its day 17 of quarantine.  Your dog has destroyed all her toys.  You’ve organized all your drawers.  You’re both staring at each other wondering….now what?  Or maybe your dog has destroyed all his toys and eaten all his chews, but you still have to… Continue Reading “5 Enrichment toys you can make at home for your dog”

Message from Citizen Canine: COVID-19

COVID-10 Update: Citizen Canine is temporarily closed due to the ongoing COVID – 19 pandemic.   We will reopen when given further guidance from the Ontario Government.  We wish you all love, peace and health. Letter to Our Clients: Dear friends, It is with… Continue Reading “Message from Citizen Canine: COVID-19”

Why a 3 day minimum for walks?

Two dogs running on a beach walk.

  Why do we ask for a minimum of 3 days a week for walks?  Simple. We want your dog to have the best possible experience with the group.  After walking dogs for twelve years, I can tell you with certainty, that the dogs… Continue Reading “Why a 3 day minimum for walks?”

What should I ask a prospective dog walker?

Dog walker with dogs

As the owner of a dog walking company, I get asked LOTS of questions.  The one question I never get asked is:  what would you ask?  This would be my favourite….if someone had ever asked me.  Why?  Simple.  I’ve seen it all.  I’ve been… Continue Reading “What should I ask a prospective dog walker?”

How to Choose the ‘Right’ Dog Walker

dog walker with dog

Okay, you’ve decided you’d like to hire a dog walker…now what?  I’ve been a Dog Walker for twelve years now, and I’ve seen a lot of things—good and bad.  But one of the biggest mistakes owners make in the process of hiring a walker… Continue Reading “How to Choose the ‘Right’ Dog Walker”