Preparing your Pups for the Holidays

Preparing your Pups for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and the hustle and bustle is here. We can’t forget about our pets with everything to do on our list. They have to look and feel picture perfect for the holidays. From pet safe house decor to preparing them for guests, we have the tips for a safe and fun holiday season! Follow our tips on preparing your pups for the holidays this year.


Book your Pet Sitters and Boarding Stays 

If you’re going away for the holidays, be sure to start booking reservations with your pet sitters and boarding facilities. The holiday season is busy for them, and they book up quickly. Be sure to research the various boarding and pet sitting facilities around you. Perhaps your dog would feel more comfortable with a specific option. It’s essential to start the booking process early enough to tour facilities and meet pet sitters so you can determine whether your dog will be happier boarded with other dogs or enjoying the holidays at home with a sitter. Online reviews can tell you a lot about other people’s experiences too. 


Pet-Safe Decor

If you’re staying home for the holidays, then it’s time to deck the halls with sparkle and Christmas spirit! You can still have a festive look inside your home while keeping your pets safe from harm. Be sure to keep wires hidden and try not to purchase fragile decor or decorations that could be a choking hazard. In addition to pet-safe decorations, be sure to research the type of plants you bring into your home. Many festive plants are poisonous to dogs if ingested. If your dog is curious or a chewer, you may want to skip on the festive plants this year. Check out the list of plants to avoid for the holiday season. 


Brushing and Grooming

Help your dog welcome the new year with a fresh new coat! Having a clean, shiny new coat with trimmed nails will have your pet feeling pampered and spoiled for the holidays. It’s time to book that groom so your dog can look their best in photos. Don’t forget to bring out the bow ties and bandanas! Be sure to book your groom soon as groomers are booking up this busy season!


Guests and Manners 

A quick training refresher never hurts anyone! If you’re looking to have people over for the holidays, remember to give your dog a refresher on manners. As much as we love our dogs and let them get away with a lot, some of your guests may not be accustomed to a rambunctious pup. Be sure to practice no barking and no jumping on guests. In addition, be sure to inform your guests of your dog’s personality. A well-behaved dog will benefit from all the belly rubs and attention they get from your guests. 


Pet-Safe Dinners 

Another way to prepare your pups for the holidays is to prepare them a special holiday meal. Our dogs love the table scraps we give them, but we should consider pet-safe options. Sometimes the table scraps we give them can cause them digestive problems, making them uncomfortable. Be sure to look up some pet-friendly recipes online so that your dog can enjoy a memorable holiday meal with the family as well. 


Preparing your pups for the holidays can be a lot. There is so much to do for the holidays already! As responsible pet parents, we need to ensure our fur babies look and feel their best! Being prepared with plans can help you get things done and stay focused. If you’re busy preparing for the holidays and won’t have time for dog walks, be sure to call us at Citizen Canine, and we’ll take your pups out for you! Check out our other puppy services, and let us show you what makes us stand out from the rest. Happy Holidays from us at Citizen Canine!


Preparing your Pups for the Holidays

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Canada

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Canada

Subscription boxes are becoming a trend in many industries. The pet world has also hopped on board with this trend. Subscription box companies have gained popularity for pet owners. The convenience of someone putting together your pet’s needs and having goods delivered to your door makes shopping easy and efficient. What better gift than surprising your pups monthly with a new gift box! Since the season of gift-giving is right around the corner, we’re taking a look at the best dog subscription boxes in Canada.


Woof Pack

Woof Pack is a popular Canadian subscription box for dogs! They offer and deliver a variety of treats, toys, and chews. In their monthly subscription packages, they pack products based on a new theme every month. The box they send contains toys, treats and a chew for your dog to enjoy. They carefully select the products they choose to send out and ensure they are all Canadian-made. In addition to the quality of products, they make sure to test and review every product before it comes to your door. Anything below grade will not make it out! If you think your dog would benefit from a subscription-like this, be sure to check them out!


BullyMake subscription boxes are exclusively made for toy lovers and big chewers in mind. They also customize their packages according to the weight and description of your dog, ensuring each toy is suitable for their size. If your dog likes to chew and gets into trouble chewing furniture and belongings, then maybe investing in a monthly recurring chew toy is best for you and the furniture in the house! Although an American company, BullyMake does ship to Canada but is limited to only sending toys at the moment.

Bark’N Fun

The Bark’N Fun Company is a great local gift and subscription box service for dogs. They provide the best and tastiest quality of treats and gifts. The Bark’N Fun company takes their time selecting and packing each subscription package with care. They will always consider your dog’s health and take any allergies seriously when preparing your box. The best part is that every time you receive a package, a portion of your purchase goes to helping charitable organizations in Canada like canine charities, rescues and shelters. This Christmas, you can make your dog’s wishes come true while also helping dogs in need.


WoofCrate is another Canadian-owned and operated dog subscription box. They aim to bring delicious Canadian-made goodies and toys directly to your door for your pup to enjoy. Each month your subscription box will contain multiple items. You will always get two toys, treat bags and some delicious freshly baked goods or chews. Your dog will be excited to get their paws on this box! In addition to the excellent quality and service WoofCrate provides, it donates an amount from each purchase to the Edmonton Humane Society. You can’t go wrong supporting this business! It is also open and taking suggestions to help other animal organizations in need.


These are four of the best dog subscription boxes in Canada. Many more businesses and companies may offer subscription boxes, so be sure to do your research. There could be local businesses in your town or city that may be setting up a subscription or gift box for the holiday season. It’s always nice to support local businesses, so keep your eyes open. There’s no doubt that subscription and gift boxes are becoming more popular each year. Give your dog a monthly surprise and subscribe to one today! Please let us know your experiences with subscription boxes at Citizen Canine

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Canada

Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is a couple of days away, and we need to talk about Halloween pet safety! This spooky day can be just as fun for our four-legged friends as it is for us if we keep it safe. We know our dogs can be quite the troublemakers, so preparing for Halloween will be beneficial in the long run. Whether you’re hosting a party or just decorating and celebrating your favourite spooky day of the year, we got some tips to make this Halloween a safe success. 


Select Costumes Carefully

Costumes are a huge part of Halloween. Getting dressed up and looking silly is fun. Getting our dogs dressed up can equally be entertaining for us; however, keep in mind that not all dogs like to dress up. As cute as they may look in their costumes, these outfits can be uncomfortable to them. Ideally, it’s better not to dress your dog up for Halloween, but if you want a photo for memory and your pet doesn’t mind costumes, only putting on the costume for a short time is recommended. Costumes can be restricting to pets, and the lack of mobility can make them uncomfortable. In addition to the restriction, having an extra layer on them inside the house can get very hot and pull on their fur. If you are dressing your dog up for a short while, be sure to pick a costume that has thin fabric and is big enough to allow your dog to move. 


Pet Safe Decorations

Decorating the house for Halloween is a lot of fun. You can really get creative with all the accessories and decorations that are available. As pet owners, we need to be careful with the kinds of decorations we put up in our homes. It’s best to skip out on any embellishments that look like food or that can be choking hazards. Having too many wires and cables can also be a safety hazard. Having a few statement decorations can be enough for the occasion and keep your pet safe from any emergency visits to the vet. 


Be Aware of Superstitions 

Since there will be more people outside trick or treating and going to Halloween parties, it’s best that you keep your dog inside and away from the Halloween experiences outdoors. Unfortunately, old superstitions of black pets still exist, and it’s better to be safe than sorry and protect your pup from the outdoors. It’s also essential that you keep updated tags and have your dog microchipped in the occurrence that they run away. Your pet’s safety should always be your top priority, and taking these precautions can give you peace of mind. 


Keep Treats out of Reach

Halloween and candy go hand in hand. Although we enjoy the day and all the chocolate and candy it brings, this can be deadly to our dogs. We must keep all candy far from the reach of our dogs. Chocolate and candy can have harmful ingredients in them that dogs can not digest. Ingredients like xylitol can have deadly effects on canines in just a tiny amount. Instead, be sure to have some doggie treats ready for the day so that they can also enjoy a Halloween treat! Be sure to research tasty Halloween treats online or buy some delicious snacks for them at your local pet store. 

Halloween pet safety is important to follow and could make all the difference in having a great and safe Halloween. Follow these tips for Halloween, and you and your dog will have a fang-tastic Halloween! If you’re going out for Halloween, be sure to contact us for your dog walking needs and puppy visits. Happy Halloween!


Halloween Safety

Importance of Pet Insurance

Importance of Pet Insurance

September is National Pet Insurance Month. This month we talk all about the importance of pet insurance for our beloved pets. Insurance can be a safety net to provide you with financial assistance. It can be used to help you in a medical emergency or other costs. Insurance is an investment in your pet’s health. It could potentially save you money down the road when your pet ages or if there’s an unexpected accident. In this blog, we hope to teach you a bit about pet insurance. We hope to encourage your research into insurance companies to find out if this is the right for you. 


What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is the transfer of risk to a third party in exchange for paying a premium. The premium you pay will determine the kind and amount of coverage you get. Your pet insurance company offers different packages and will cover various pet expenses. Life can be unexpected, and all sorts of things can happen. Even when we are careful and as safe as possible it’s important to be protected. As a pet owner, you must assess possible expenses of potential risks. This will help you consider whether insurance may be worth it in the long run. It may be more beneficial to have pet insurance than possibly surrendering or putting down your pet due to unaffordability. 

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet insurance can cover any potential expenses. From minor medical expenses to more expensive and serious ones, your pet will be covered. When researching a pet insurance company, be sure to look at the different coverage plans and which may be more suitable for your pet. In general, if you purchase a coverage plan that focuses on covering minor medical expenses, then there may be a higher premium to pay monthly or upfront. More extensive medical expenses may offer a different premium amount that can be paid upfront or in monthly installments depending on the medical package. 


Benefits of Pet Insurance

The most significant benefit of pet insurance is knowing your pet is protected and insured against any surprises life has in store. With pet insurance, there is less stress about finances and more time to worry about your sick or hurt pet. Pet insurance can help with medical costs, especially if you have an old and ageing pet with poor health. Without all the money going to medical expenses and medications, you’ll have the money to spend on other things to help your pet live more comfortably and spoil them to the end!


How are Costs of Pet Insurance Determined?

Pet insurance can range in price, so be sure to research and compare and contrast the various packages and coverage plans that companies offer. The cost of the premium is usually determined by the type of coverage you are looking for. The species and breed you are covering also determine costs and the age and overall current health of your pet. Typically a mixed breed pet in a healthy weight range can expect lower rates as they may not be at risk of potential genetic issues that are more common in pure breeds. Pets that remain indoors are also more likely to have lower rates as there is less exposure to potential risks at home. Your pet will be assessed depending on the information you provide, so be sure to get multiple quotes to get the best price for your budget.

Pet insurance ultimately provides peace of mind for a pet owner. The importance of pet insurance can range depending on the needs of your pet and your budget. It’s never a bad idea to look into pet insurance and see if it’s something that would benefit you and your pet in the long run. 

One way to ensure your pets stay in good health is to take them on regular walks. Check out our dog walking services for more information. 


Importance of Pet Insurance

How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Return to Work

How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Return to Work

The last two years have been a massive change for us. For some of us working from home, our dogs have loved having us around every day. They spent this whole time close to you and now probably think things are this way for good. Unfortunately, getting back to the new normal facing us may be a challenge for our dogs too. Separation anxiety and nervousness to be alone can be possible outcomes, so we’re here to tell you how to prepare your dog for your return to work. These 5 steps can help you set your dog up for success in the days to come.


Know Your Dog’s Triggers

Be sure to know what encourages your dog. Knowing what can make your dog nervous or react can help you target the behaviour to focus on. If your dog starts barking or whining at the sight of you putting on a jacket or saying goodbye, then you can start adding positive associations with the actions. For example, giving your dog a treat when you leave and come back can help your dog connect the act of going with a positive reward. In time, this will help mitigate the reaction and eventually, your dog will be quietly awaiting your return and their treat! The right method of encouragement and positive reinforcement will have lasting effects on your dog. 


Create a Recurring Schedule

Creating a repetitive schedule for your dog can help them prepare for certain things throughout the day. Your dog will grow accustomed to a schedule with set expectations of recurring activities each day. A structure can provide a sense of comfort for your dog, especially when they know when something is expected to occur. For example, walking your dog at a specific time every day can set the expectation for this daily occurrence, teaching your dog not to beg or whine for a walk throughout the day since there is a set time for a walk for them to look forward to. Having a schedule sets your dog up for success in a structured routine.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Return to Work

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing mock departures can help prepare your dog for the final test when you return to the office. The earlier you start practicing, the better. Continuous and consistent training is key in implementing new habits. Start practicing mock departures by leaving for shorter periods. Going to run some errands and coming back can start getting your dog used to being alone for a bit. When you notice an improvement in your dog’s behaviour, you can increase those time intervals to reflect the time you would be away at work. Your dog will soon associate your departure and arrival as part of the new daily routine. 


Create a Safe Space for Them

Getting your dog used to leaving the house is just a part of preparing them for your return to work. When you leave your dog, you want to make sure that they have a nice calm oasis to escape to. Whether it’s a crate, a sofa, or a specific room, having a designated space for your dog can help them feel safe and calm. A parent leaving can be a stressful situation, so be sure to create a comfortable space for your dog to calm any nerves. Leaving their favourite toy or a blanket or sweater with your scent can also help your dog ease their nerves as they spend a couple of hours away from you.


Exercise Regularly or Keep them Occupied

Training your dog regularly does help fix unwanted behaviours; however, an energetic dog can still get into some trouble. Check out our dog walking services, where we can help you stay on track with regular walks for your pup! For young and active dogs, it’s recommended that you exercise them regularly and play with them to keep them occupied. The physical activity and mental stimulation will spend their energy. As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog is napping on the couch rather than looking for trouble while you’re gone.


Knowing how to prepare your dog for your return to work will help you make the difficult transition from working from home to going back to the office. These 5 tips can help you create a plan for success and tackle any anxieties your dog may have as you prepare to leave the house for long hours. Practicing and training consistently will surely get you results, and you and your pup can live stress-free and happy lives in the new normal.