National Dog Rescue Day

May 20th is National Dog Rescue Day; however, you can help rescue a dog any time of year. There are many pups out there waiting to be welcomed with open arms into loving homes. We have listed some different ways you can help rescue a dog. We also included some dog rescues around the Toronto Area with dogs ready to be adopted into loving homes. On behalf of National Dog Rescue Day  here are some ways you rescue a dog.



If you’re ready to welcome a new addition into your life, then adopting a dog is a direct way to change a dog’s life. Many dogs are waiting to be adopted. Be sure to do your research on which dogs suit your lifestyle best. It is also a good idea to talk to the adoption center or Rescue to see if they can pair you with a dog that fits your lifestyle best. Usually, the facility has an adoption process to follow. This is to ensure that the dog finds their forever home and feels comfortable around you. 



Another direct way to rescue a dog is to foster. Creating a temporary loving home helps foster dogs develop social skills and helps them get comfortable living in a home. By creating a safe and caring environment, these dogs can start their healing process and start coming into their skin. Not only will you be helping these dogs, but you’ll also be helping the shelter by freeing up space for other dogs that they can take in. 



Donating is an indirect way to rescue a pet. By donating to local rescues and adoption centers, you can help shelters buy resources for their animals. Donations of any amount can go a long way. From purchasing food, toys, beds, or even making more space at the facility, your donation is used to help the cause. 



If you can’t donate, there are still significant ways that you can help rescue a dog. Volunteering is a great way to help dogs without the long-term commitment of owning a pet or spending any money. By volunteering your time, you can help change a dog’s life and help the shelter keep up with all the care and work they have to do daily. This can alleviate some stress for the shelter and make you feel good about helping a great cause. 



Educating others about pet care and shelters can help rescue more dogs in the present and the future. Educating people about spaying and neutering their animals can help them make informed decisions about caring for their pets. This can help reduce present and future stray populations and inform people about the amount of responsibility taking on a pet is. Sharing your experiences and knowledge on pet care can go a long way. 


If you are looking to adopt a dog for National Dog Rescue Day, you should research the shelters around your area. There are many shelters around the Toronto area that you can look into. Here are just 4 shelters that you can check out for National Dog Rescue Day. 


Save Our Scruff 

Save Our Scruff’s mission is to help build the community’s awareness of dog’s needs through their various platforms and education. They aim to set their dogs up for successful adoptions in their futures and hope to enhance the lives of the dogs they take in. Check out their page and see how you can get involved.


ARF Ontario

ARF is an Ontario-based non-registered charity. They run on volunteers that work to find forever homes for animals from crisis situations. What makes them unique is their care for animals regardless of geography from around the globe. Since they are volunteer based, they foster and rehabilitate animals as they do not have a physical facility. If you would like to adopt one of their rescues or help out in any way, please contact them. 


Speaking of Dogs

Speaking of Dogs is a Canadian registered charity based in Toronto. They aim to help dogs from shelters and dogs that were surrendered. They focus on senior dogs; however, they are dedicated to educating the public and fostering dogs until they can find their forever homes. Please visit their website to find out how you can help or adopt a dog to a forever home. 

Fetch + Releash

Fetch + Release is a volunteer-run dog rescue dedicated to saving dogs in need. This organization is also a foster-based facility that aims to find a forever home for the dogs in their care. Check out their mission and vision and all the ways you can help


No matter how you want to help dogs for National Dog Rescue Day, your help will not go unappreciated. Helping out our furry friends makes the world a better place for all!

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National Dog Rescue Day


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