Six Dog Friendly Patios In Toronto

Six Dog Friendly Patios In Toronto

Summer is here in the city! The beautiful weather is perfect for going out and sipping drinks on a patio. You don’t have to leave your pup behind to enjoy the sun and drinks! Toronto loves their dogs, so finding a dog-friendly patio can be pretty easy in the city. Here are six dog-friendly patios […]

Tolerating Behaviours

Tolerating behaviors

Tolerating behaviors is something we all do. As humans with relationships with other humans, we have boundaries and preferences in our interactions with others. For example, your friends or partners using a nickname to refer to you is something you like and enjoy. Friends of friends who call you by your nickname is tolerable, but […]

How to Choose the ‘Right’ Dog Walker

dog walker with dog

Okay, you’ve decided you’d like to hire a dog walker…now what?  I’ve been a Dog Walker for twelve years now, and I’ve seen a lot of things—good and bad.  But one of the biggest mistakes owners make in the process of hiring a walker is: hiring the wrong walker.   I don’t mean a bad walker, […]

Will my dog get hurt on walks?

happy dog on her walk

Yes.  Most likely, at some point during their life time, your dog will be injured on a dog walk.  That doesn’t mean that your dog is walked in a mine field and once false step, and it’s adios pupper.  However, I would be lying if I told you dogs NEVER got hurt on dog walks.  […]