As a dog trainer and fellow dog walker, I have to say that Jennifer is one of the only walkers in the city that I would trust to walk my own dogs. She doesn’t just walk the dogs; she is personally invested in their behaviour and their well-being. If behaviour problems arise during the walks she is quick to find a solution, rather than blaming or punishing the dog. She is constantly asking advice from myself and from fellow trainers as to why things happen and what they mean. The progress that the dogs make under her care on a daily basis is always amazing to me and, if anything, she keeps me motivated to stay sharp in my own training career.


I have nothing but great things to say about Jennifer and the staff at Citizen Canine. Being a first time dog owner it was invaluable having someone I could to not only trust to give my puppy the additional care and socialization that she needed, but who I could turn to for advice. Jennifer was also wonderful if ever I had to stay late at work and needed an extra walk at short notice. I never had to feel that Pearl was being neglected due to my varied schedule. Plus Pearl just loves Jennifer.

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