Top 5 Places to Take your Dog Swimming in Toronto


There are only a couple of weeks left of summer, but with all the heat waves this year, Summer doesn’t look like it’s coming to an end anytime soon. Even though we enjoy the hot weather, we also enjoy finding ways to cool down in the summer too. Our dogs are no different in looking for ways to cool down in the summer heat. And what better way is there to cool down than splashing about in some water!

Although Toronto may seem like a concrete jungle, there are many options in and around Toronto to take your dog. From pet-friendly beaches, parks, creeks, and lakes, listed here are a few places to take your furry friends swimming this summer: 


1. Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach is located at the end of Cherry Street in Toronto and is known for its designated off-leash dog area on its Western boundary where dogs can swim on the beach. This beach is open to the public to regularly enjoy with the City testing the water to ensure safe water quality. The beach is also a little rocky so that it may be more comfortable on your dog’s paws, instead of hot sand. At Cherry Beach, you can splash around with your pup, spend a whole afternoon or evening at the park with your pooch, and bring a picnic or a barbeque to your hangout overlooking the water. For more information about the beach, click here.


2. Balmy Beach/Silverbirch Park

Balmy Beach/Silverbirch Park is located on 2 Silver Birch Avenue in Toronto. This beach and path have great reviews as a dog-friendly space with beautiful views. This beach is an urban space, so a walk with your dog through the shops can bring you straight to the beach to cool down in the summer. From the beach, you can enjoy the water with a great view of the City. The area also has a nearby park and benches so that your dog can run around and dry off in the sun. For more information about the park, click here.


3. Etobicoke Creek Valley 

Etobicoke Creek Valley is located a bit outside of Toronto but a great dog-friendly place to visit if you’re looking to get out of the City. This area includes a beautiful nature path to walk, run, or bike on with your dog. Since the trail is alongside a creek, your dog can hop in to cool down after a day of activity. This would be a great little road trip to spend some quality time in nature with your furry friend. For more information about the Valley park and trail, click here.


4. Sherwood Park 

For a small scale adventure with your dog, you can visit Sherwood Park in the midtown neighbourhood of Toronto. Although this isn’t a beach, your dog can still have a great time going out for a walk and swimming in the nearby creek to cool off before heading home. Sherwood Park would be a great little local adventure for you and your pup to enjoy anytime!


5. Humber Bay West 

Humber Bay West is located on 2225 Lake Shore Boulevard West in Toronto. This place is a lakeside park that offers trails, paths, and areas to picnic and relax. During the day you can enjoy riding your bike or walking the trails and paths with your furry friend. You can even pack a picnic or afternoon snack to recharge for more adventure afterwards. Along with a beautiful view of the lake, you can take a dip in; you get a beautiful view of the Toronto City Skyline to enjoy as well. A day at Humber Bay West would be a day your pooch will surely remember! For more information about the park, click here

With Summer still in full swing, it’s not too late to take your pup out and explore these places in and around the City. Air conditioning isn’t the only way to keep cool this summer! Visiting parks, beaches, and lakes can keep you and pooch cool while having fun in the sun at the same time! Make sure to visit the websites linked for more information about the area you’re visiting. 

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